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Luxury Vinyl at Carpet One of Sioux Falls

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


Choosing a new flooring option for your home can sometimes be a challenge. We make the process easier for you at Carpet One of Sioux Falls. Our wide selection of the best home flooring options means you can find exactly what you need. Luxury vinyl flooring is one of those many options you can choose from. Luxury vinyl is much different from its predecessor, vinyl, in many different ways. Continue reading below to learn more about luxury vinyl.


Wood Look Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring is made to resemble hardwood and stone flooring. You can find it in multiple styles that each mimics a specific type of wood or stone material. Our most popular selling is luxury vinyl plank flooring. It imitates the look of hardwood flooring, so you are sure to find something that matches the décor of your home. In addition, it is the budget-friendly option for those who are renovating their home, and eliminates the challenging installation of hardwood.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation


The pros of installing luxury vinyl flooring in your home are not just limited to being budget-friendly. You get the look and feel of hardwood floors, but luxury vinyl is “softer” underfoot because it gives a little when you walk on it. Some vinyl floors come as water resistant and even sometimes water proof depending on the brand. Luxury vinyl can be installed over most existing floors that are clean and free of dust. Luxury vinyl floors are incredibly easy to maintain and only need to be occasionally swept, and they are a long lasting option.


Be sure to visit our showroom in Sioux Falls, SD and speak with a flooring expert about installing luxury vinyl floors in your home.


About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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What are the Different Luxury Vinyl Types?


Luxury vinyl is a versatile flooring product, and comes in several different options including tile, plank, and even sheets.





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